After 19 years behind the chair, Michael Sievers took a leap of faith to expand his passion and talent by creating his own salon. With Michael knowing the industry from the viewpoint of Designer/Educator/Stage Artist along with the support of his wife, Katy, who had been running Real Estate/Investment businesses plus being a refined decorator, the combo was perfect. Their vision includes a salon that goes beyond normal expectations in customer and staff care. They saw that the customer service industry seemed to have forgotten to serve its customers.

Each guest should have an escape from reality and be pampered; regardless of how long they spend in the salon. Walk-ins should feel as important as the guest in the chair. Michael and Katy are dedicated to their family and make sure that strong standards and values are extended to each guest and staff member. In fact, the name of the salon indicates just that: SKYROKH is a combination of their 3 children’s names–Skye, Roman and Khloe. Because their name is on the line, each service is highly regarded as a personal stamp of excellence.

Michael works closely with the staff on education in the salon and outsourced training through Aveda. Education is highly regarded: no matter how long you have been in the business, growth is constantly required. An Aveda salon was the first and only choice from the beginning. The support and concern for the earth and the people living on it was a vital factor in choosing this amazing company to partner with. On December 5, 2008, the Sievers opened the doors to their dream!

To protect their safety and ours, CHILDREN UNDER 12 ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE SALON. Children must be 12 or older to receive services.